Product Features


Customers are much more likely to sign up and share their phone number if they are provided with an incentive.

Set up a simple incentive (e.g. Get 1 FREE drink or dessert or appetizer).  Customers receive your incentive promotion when they sign up and have upto 7 days to redeem it.

We track and manage every sign up incentive delivered to customers.  We ensure they do not receive and redeem your signup incentive promotion more than once.


Set up unlimited number of promotions.  State your promotions in just a few words.  

Set up different promotions for weekdays or weekends, lunch or dinner, evening drinks or happy hour, holidays or festivals.


Schedule delivery of your promotions for one or more days of the week.

For example, is business slow on Mondays?  Schedule delivery of one or more promotions on Monday.  We deliver your promotion to customers every Monday at 10:00 am local time.


Track the performance of your promotions and see how they compare to one another.

Every delivered promotion is tagged with a unique code.  Redeeming takes a couple of clicks and any one of your employees can do it.


QuickCodes is an easy way to deliver promotions without logging into your BistroSMS account.

QuickCodes are one-word codes that you set up and use to send promotions, by just texting us that code.

For example, you could set up a QuickCode called 'rainyday'.  You then tag a specific promotion to 'rainyday' (one that you would want to send out on a rainy day).  When you wish to deliver this promotion, just text us the QuickCode 'rainyday' from your cell phone and it will be delivered immediately.


Dash Button is an IoT (Internet Of Things) device that connects to your wifi network.  It provides the convenience and ease of use of sending promotions at the click of a button.

Set it up to send different promotions for each type of click: Single click, Double click or Long click.

4 Simple Steps To Get You Started With BistroSMS

Create an account

Takes 1-2 minutes to set up a BistroSMS account.
Credit card is not required.

Create Sign up

Create a sign up incentive for your customers.
Takes 1 minute.

Set up Promotions

Set up a few promotions to start with.
Takes 2-3 minutes.

Schedule Delivery

Which is your slowest day of the week?  Schedule delivery of promotions on that day.
Takes 1-2 minutes.